The beginning 

So let’s start at the beginning. I had my first child, Arthur in 2013 and holy crap it was life changing. Suddenly I had this wrinkly little person to look after and I was over cautious and I over analysed everything…I’m sure this is familiar to many parents out there. We just want to do our best and muddling through the absolute unknown of new parenthood when your sleep deprived and weary is tough right? By the time Sadie arrived in 2015 I had the basics Sussed, I knew I could keep a baby fed, clean, clothed and juggling two children wasn’t as tough as anticipated. But just as I sat back and breathed a sigh of contented mummy smugness my gorgeous boy Arthur became a two year old. In case you’ve never had a two year old for the record they are pretty tricky. The toughest part of parenting a toddler for me has been the transition from a boy who would eat anything to a boy who would eat somethings but only on a Tuesday and if it was the right shape and colour and not too hot…or too cold. Providing healthy homemade food has always been my mantra but when the big 2 hit I had to up my game. Not only did Arthur discover he could make choices and decline/demand things he also cottoned on to all the things he saw us eating but weren’t sharing with him. I naively thought if I didn’t ever give him chocolate he wouldn’t know what it was and thus never ask for it…but it doesn’t take a genius to work out that mummy and daddy hiding in the kitchen scoffing yummy sweet smelling treats from bright crinkly wrappers is something your gunna want in on. So in classic New Years resolution style at the start of 2016 I decided to lead from the front. No more sugar laden stash in the kitchen cupboard and no biscuit jar full of Jaffa cakes. I would cut the refined sugar and start making wholesome naturally sweet treats and that’s all we would ever eat ever and we would all be high on the naturally sweet goodness of apricots and life happily ever after. Now of course like all good New Years resolutions I started out with slightly unrealistic expectations. I am by no means claiming I or my children are never going to allow refined sugar to pass our lips. If someone wants to send me a box of chocolates I will wait till the kids go to bed and happily stick my face in them and If we go out and someone passes round the Jammy Dodgers I’m not going to be the mean mum that says no you can’t have one (well actually sometime I am) but what I mean is I try to be reasonable. It’s not a diet it’s a choice and I’m choosing not to bring loads of highly sugared products into my house and instead create some amazing healthy sweet treats instead. 3 months in and it’s been an inspiring experience…I’ve experimented with natural sweeteners, raw baking and made some bloody delicious things which not only satisfy my sweet tooth but make me feel great too. Arthur loves my baking and I’m even winning over the husband, one raw bounty bar at a time. I’ve learnt loads and I’m still learning and I’ve decided to start creating my own recipes…and so this blog is born. My diary of triumphs and failures, tips and tricks, inspiring cooks and recipes and generally full of all things yummy.   



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